Damp Proofing, Basement Conversion, Basement Tanking and Wall Ties Repairs in Leeds

Damp proofing leeds

Although we are considered damp proofing specialists in and around Leeds, at Cemplast Preservation, we provide a range of structural repair services along with basement conversion  and damp repair services. Basement conversions add an extra living space to your home while increasing the resale value of your property. As well as our property and basement conversion services, we also provide basement and cellar waterproofing of the basements membrane. This is achieved by a process known in the renovation industry as ‘Basement Tanking’ or ‘Cellar Tanking’. Basement tanking is required when a property or part of a property is built at ground level or below to prevent any water from permeating the building’s structure.

Breathe some fresh space in your home with our Cellar Tanking service and gain extra habitable space within a property without changing the footprint of the building. In addition to basement renovation, we also provide Structural Repair Services to houses in and around Leeds. Over time, some houses can suffer from structural instability that can make them to crumble. If you suspect this is or could be happening to your home, do not waste any time and contact us for structural or Wall Ties repairs. We perform all structural repairs through remedial treatments that last for generations. We also carry out wall ties replacements. “Wall Ties” sit between the two coats of external walls. Over time, wall ties can catch rust and can break leaving your walls weak and susceptible to falling down.

Our property renovation prices are competitive and our work is thorough and carried out to the highest standard. Contact us today if you suspect your home could be facing structural weakness. Fungal decay of timber by either Wet Rot or Dry Rot can occur when timbers are in prolonged contact with damp situations, especially in poorly ventilated areas such as sub floors. Cemplast Preservation can take of that with our Timber Treatment services. All timber treatments are designed to get rid of damp growth, woodworm treatments and many other insects that eat the timber from within.

There are many victorian or edwardian buildings in Leeds, or the north in general and over 4 million of these types of property in the UK. An increasing number of them are suffering as a result of problems that were faced by Victorian builders (lack of suitable materials due to restrictions on transportation and abolition of tax on certain materials). All things that have been taken for granted over recent times.
Prolonged exposure to adverse weather and poor quality remedial work (and more importantly, inappropriate remedial work) does exacerbate the damage and takes its toll. In some cases affecting period features of the property that are unrepairable.
It is important to consult with a qualified damp proofing professional rather than run the risk of applying the wrong type of damp course or attempting to repair the damp yourself, based upon information you have seen online. Each property needs its own attention, based upon its history and effects of previous work!

Please contact us if you require any further information or to arrange a free estimate.